from outside the circle (a collection)

by Caroline McKenzie

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Somewhere around late 2012/very early 2013, I was approached by Black Circle Records to provide an album for a particular series which the label was pursuing. I was uncertain as to what to do musically around this time so the challenge was welcomed. Following this, I also contributed to a handful of compilation releases on the imprint.

Listening again, the material is certainly transitional (heh!). It may be a little overindebted to the BC house style but drones, effects and processing were always my thing so I was never going to jar with the label's aesthetic. But there's an uncertainty in the music and the principle energy is certainly anxiety. Indeed, the actual album - "Did You Really Think You Were Safer In The Dark?" - is too entrenched in a difficult and disorientating period of my life to be enjoyable for me; "Five Regrets Of The Dying" was particularly hard to hear again. On the other hand, it is so strongly evocative of those strange months that it's hard not to view it positively. Your mileage may vary etc.

My association with the label is long behind us both and, just in the last few days, I came to feel that "reclaiming" this music would be good for me, allowing me to establish a chronology that circumstance and, yeah, a lack of nerve on my part, forbade at the time - I can sometimes feel as if I don't have much of a past so perhaps I'm trying to gather together as much of my present as I can. Or something.

C* - 15th February 2016

(NB - despite what you might hear elsewhere, I bear BC and its founder no ill will whatsoever. Life's just too short.)

(NB2 - update - I'm advised the label no longer exists)



released February 1, 2013

Tracks 1-4 released by Black Circle Records in 2013 as "Did You Really Think You Were Safer In the Dark?" - download in multiple formats and about 10 CD-Rs in foldover sleeves.

Tracks 5 to 8 were contributed to various download-only compilations on the same label, also during 2013 (although "light echoes" was probably 2012). The details of these largely escape me but "once (wintermute)" came from "a christmas gift from black circle".

Caroline McKenzie - computer, noisebox, guitar (I think).

The release date of "1st February 2013" has been selected for chronology rather than accuracy.



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Caroline McKenzie Glasgow, UK

various noises, made at various times, in various ways, using various things.

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